Is Funding a World Cup Experience with Friends a Dream Investment?

by Travis Smith | July 12 , 2018 | Dream Investments | 0 Comments

During the last World Cup, there were hundreds of thousands of Team France and Team Croatia fans scrambling to afford a dream trip to Russia for the World Cup Finals.  

They are texting and calling their fellow friends and family and frantically trying to fulfill a life-long dream and experience of a lifetime!  Only a few will pull it off.


TribeVest simplifies group investing and is the first and only platform that provides individuals the tools to invest together in any number of Dream Investments -- those investments that you desire to achieve but that you feel you cannot as an individual because you lack the necessary resources.

When most people hear the word “investments” they think about their personal investments.  And many investments are personal and individual, but the truth is, human beings are social creatures. In his book, The Hacking of the American Mind, Dr. Robert Lustig discusses the American pursuit of happiness and notes that although pleasure is something we experience as individuals, true joy and happiness is something we experience together.  

What do you want to experience with the people you love? Here at TribeVest, we have 4 members who decided that their dream was to one day get to the World Cup futbol tournament, so they could enjoy their love of soccer together. They already had season tickets for Atlanta United FC and enjoyed professional soccer games together.  And they already had many in-the-moment conversations many of us have around experiencing something together as a group -- the “Let’s do it next year!” conversations that we often have but seldom follow through on. They just didn’t know how to make their World Cup dream work.   

Dream Investment World CupIt’s a tall order, organizing any trip with friends -- much less a trip of that magnitude. Who’s going to organize it? How are you going to save the money, and how are you going to spend it? And frankly, how can you pull off a group vacation without losing friends? Often times when we have conversations around planning these experiences but they never pan out, it’s because we fear these organizational questions and never take the first step.

TribeVest helped our World Cup dream investors take the first step: committing to each other and cementing a future goal to experience together, today.

On the TribeVest platform, members signed up and committed to a manageable monthly contribution that they immediately began to save in the tribe’s joint account. Each month, the account grows by the total amount of each member’s monthly contribution.

No one member had to research banks and where they would open a joint account and get agreement from everyone else to proceed.

No one member had to be responsible for managing deposits and making sure everyone was staying on track with their contributions.

No one member had to take on sending multiple emails and follow-ups with the group members to get the dream started.

Dream Investment World CupThey all decided together to get started today, and TribeVest helped them do the rest. They’re making progress toward their goal, and in 2022 when the World Cup comes around again in Qatar, they’ll be ready.

Of course, there are details involved in planning a group trip. Group members still have to decide how to get there, where to stay, how to spend their investment dollars. TribeVest can help with that, too. The platform includes a process to vote on and elect officers who will lead planning the actual details of the dream investment experience. And very importantly, there’s a process for anonymous input, so that if one member feels strongly that they shouldn’t spend money on luxury accommodations when middle-of-the-road hotels will do just fine, they can offer that input without fear.

Dream Investment World Cup

The World Cup tribe are already talking about making this a tradition for their families every year, especially as their kids become futbol enthusiasts, too. They can see continuing the tradition when North America hosts the event in 2026. One tribe member even said that in 2030 his son will be 16 years old, and traveling abroad for the World Cup would be another dream come true. In the meantime, they’re even talking about saving through TribeVest to city-hop here in North America to Montreal, Vancouver, Boston, or San Francisco, depending on where the U.S. team might be playing their next match.  

Is there an experience you want to share with a group of family or friends that you’ve talked about over the dinner table, but never taken the first step to plan?   We'd love to hear about your story of tribe investing!  Tell us here

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